Yoga is a Perfect Complement to Life Coaching

In addition to coaching teens, young adults, and parents, I have been developing and teaching Mother-Daughter Yoga and Tween/Teen Yoga classes since 2012. 

Contact me to learn more and schedule your class. 

Mother-Daughter Yoga

Mother-Daughter Yoga brings moms and girls together in a unique setting where they can move, laugh, and talk about important topics related to the tween/teen years.

Through creative movement, guided conversations, and art, girls develop self-awareness and an understanding of how to manage stressful situations.  Sharing this experience with their mom opens lines of communication, deepens trust, and enhances the mother-daughter relationship.

Classes are typically designed for girls aged 8-12 and their moms but can be customized for any age. 

Series Menu

Building Self Esteem  
Class 1: Discovering Self
Class2: Developing a Positive Self Image
Class 3: Creating Healthy Habits
Class 4: Being a Good Friend
Class 5: Dealing with Mean Girls
Class 6: Navigating Technology and Social Media
Class 7: Handling School Stress
Class 8: Yourself, Your Family, Your Community
Empowering Healthy Choices 
Class 1: How I See Myself
Class 2: Choosing My Influences
Class 3: Fueling My Body
Class 4: Handling Sticky Situations
Class 5: Choosing My Goals
Class 6: Living My Dreams
Highly Effective Preteens 
(Based on The 7-Habits of Highly Effective Teens)
Class 1: Being Proactive
Class 2: Begin with the End in Mind
Class 3: Put First Things First
Class 4: Think Win-Win
Class 5: Seeking Understanding
Class 6: Synergize
Class 7: Sharpen the Saw
Class 8: Embody Effectiveness
*Classes can be taken individually or as part of a series.
*Series and classes can be customized.
*Class location is determined upon scheduling.

Tween and Teen Yoga

Tween and Teen Yoga classes are designed to take girls on a journey of self-discovery and empower them with insight and tools to cope with stress, boost confidence, cultivate healthy friendships, and ultimately, become their very best selves!

Why yoga?
Yoga encourages inner and outer strengths. It is free from competition and opens up a perspective that encourages self-acceptance and self-respect. It is a powerful tool that girls can use to calm, unwind, and focus. When practiced at such an important time of their lives, yoga supports girls in coming into balance, accepting and loving themselves, and honoring others.

The Classes
Similar to Mother-Daughter Yoga, each Tween and Teen Yoga Class includes creative yoga, guided conversation, and an activity designed to reinforce the class theme. Girls are encouraged to express their thoughts, feelings, and ideas in both written and artistic forms.

Class Menu

Inspire Balance
Girls will learn how to cultivate and maintain balance in their lives.
Inspire Healthy Friendships
Girls will explore the qualities of a good friend and learn how to make a be one.
Inspire Leadership 
Girls will explore, discover, and learn how to use their leadership skills.
Inspire Wisdom
Girls will understand how to use their personal strengths, values, talents, and interests as a guide through life.
Be Your Best Self 
Girls will examine how their perceptions, habits, and values guide their choices and attitude.
Inspire Healthy Habits
Girls will learn healthy habits and why they are important to establish early.
School Stress vs Success 
Girls will define personal success and learn strategies for managing school stress.
Inspire Compassion, Mindfulness, and Gratitude 
Girls will be introduced to new ways of thinking of themselves, others, and the challenges they face.
*Classes can be combined to create a series.
*Class location is determined upon scheduling. 
Contact me to learn more and schedule your class. 
This series was a great opportunity to explore themes related to my daughter’s social development in a warm, safe, guided environment. I highly recommend this powerful workshop.

-Celia S., mother of Grace

I had so much fun in Erica’s yoga class.  I wasn’t sure I would like it but she made the yoga really easy and fun.  I also loved the craft.    I would definitely do it again.  

– Brooke S., 12 years old

Erica lead our group of 8th grade girls through a yoga class that focused on self-discovery, team building, and bonding. It was a great way to bring our group together and have a wonderful, fun, non-competitive activity. 

-Jen L., NCL Chapter Leader 

Erica’s energy is calming and sweet. She is very knowledgeable about what preteens and teens are going through. Plus, she teaches a great yoga class!

-Shelby W., mother of Brynn


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