Coaching for Teens & Young Adults

Your daughter is growing up in an unprecedented time.  The majority of girls are caught in a toxic cycle of sadness, self-doubt, comparison, fear, and stress.  Now more than ever, they need supportive connections and tools to navigate their path to adulthood and reach their optimal potential.

That’s where coaching comes in.

I will help your teen or young adult build skills including self-awareness, confidence, emotional intelligence, and resilience so she reaches her potential and thrives! 

Erica Rood Life Coach

My coaching programs provide girls with guidance and insight, while developing essential life skills and supporting optimal mental health.

I start by building a trusting relationship. Then, using effective teaching and coaching methods, I help teens and young women develop self-awareness, cultivate a confident mindset, deepen their emotional intelligence, learn from their experiences, and move forward feeling competent, optimistic, and happy!

Coaching is right for girls who want: 

  • More confidence and self-esteem
  • A healthier body image
  • Better relationships with parents and peers
  • Stronger communication and self-advocacy skills
  • More motivation
  • Improved study or work habits
  • To minimize self-doubt, stress, and anxiety
  • To make healthy, self-empowering choices
  • Clarity about their future and best next steps
  • To connect with their inner-wisdom
  • To make the most of their lives
  • To feel HAPPIER!
Confident teen

Watch my conversations with past clients to learn the benefits of coaching. 

We work as a team!

Teen and young adult life coaching helps parents too.

Self-care for teens

When your daughter works with me, you will experience: 

  • Improved communication.
  • Deeper insight into her world and how to support her.
  • Relief because your daughter has an experienced coach who will guide her through challenges and help her reach her greatest potential.
  • Support from someone who is skilled at having difficult conversations with teens and young adults about topics that may make you uncomfortable.
  • Comfort in knowing your daughter has someone trustworthy and experienced to turn to when she doesn’t want to turn to you.

Get Started with a Free Discovery Session

During this free 30-minute parent meeting, we will discuss your concerns and desired outcomes. You will learn about my coaching programs and receive coaching recommendations.  We can also schedule a separate, complimentary meet-and-greet session for your daughter before you choose the best next steps. 

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