Three videos and accompanying workbooks.

Session One: Promoting Respect

Learn how to boost your teen’s self-esteem and get him/her to be more respectful.

Session Two: Communicating with Your Teen

Learn a new approach to communicating with your teen that will create more receptivity, openness, and trust.

Session Three: Building Responsibility

Learn how to get your teen to be more responsible for his/herself and life.

Total Value: $399  



Receive parent coaching anytime and anywhere! From Stress to Success is a unique video series that provides you with practical parenting strategies and new parenting tools that will improve your relationship with your teen and promote your teen’s ability to be respectful, communicative, and responsible.  


If you are a parent who…

  • Is frustrated with your teen’s attitude and lack of communication.
  • Desires a deeper, more respectful relationship with your teen.
  • Wants to build your teen’s self esteem.
  • Wants to teach your teen how be responsible and accountable.
  • Would like to experience more respect, better communication, and a more responsible, accountable teen.
  • Is ready for a new, fresh approach to parenting teens!

This series is for you! 

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What Your Teen Needs but Isn't Asking

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"What Your Teen Needs, But Isn't Asking" eBook


Discover seven core needs and how to meet those needs as you guide your teen into adulthood.

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