Life coaching designed to inspire and empower parents and girls.

Press about Erica Rood

Erica is a teacher, author, speaker, and Certified Family, Parent, and Teen Life Coach.  She founded Inspire Balance Coaching to share her mission for educating and empowering girls and their families to get through the teen years with confidence and ease. Erica’s approach is unique because she combines teaching with dynamic life coaching. Her engaging and effective programs have promoted positive change for hundreds of families.

Credentials and Qualifications:

– Certified Teen Life Coach, Teen Wisdom Inc.
– Certified Family, Parent, and Teen Life Coach, Impact Coaching (formerly Academy for Family Life Coach Training)
– Specialization Certificate in Foundations of Positive Psychology, University of Pennsylvania
– Master’s in Education with specialization in Teaching, Learning, and Leadership
– Bachelor’s in Liberal Studies, minor in Child Development
– Credentialed Teacher, with over fifteen years of experience
– Registered Yoga Teacher, with over ten  years of experience

Interview Topics:

Girls Under Pressure and What Parents Can Do:
Understand the challenges teen girls face and how to best support

Teen Self Esteem and Body Image
How to support a strong self-esteem and healthy body image

Growing Resilient Teens:
How to bounce back and thrive in the face of challenges

Getting Through to Your Teen:
How to build strong lines of communication and keep it honest

Drawing the Line:
Setting appropriate limits on sex, dating, and technology

Technology Overload:
What every parent needs to know about teens and technology

Brighten the Back to School Blues
How to have a happy, stress-free school year

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