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Parent coaching will help you maintain a positive influence and balanced relationship with your teen.

Parent coach

Parenting is tough.  Parenting teens is even tougher. 

As independence beckons, your teen is likely to rebel, test the boundaries, and become argumentative and distant.  Many parents struggle with staying connected and maintaining a positive influence during this tumultuous time. An adolescent who is hard to understand, challenging to communicate with, or lacking in motivation can make it difficult for you to maintain a positive, calm connection.  However, stress and struggle do not have to be part of your parenting journey.

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As a parent coach, I address your specific concerns, work with you in partnership, and provide support, insight, and valuable information related to raising your teen.  You will walk away with a fresh perspective, deeper understanding, and practical techniques that will lead to:

  • Fewer battles
  • Less frustration
  • Better communication
  • Greater respect and trust
  • More ease and enjoyment of parenting a teen

If arguments, frustration, fear, and worry are part of your parenting journey, it’s time for a new approach. Click here to schedule a free Discovery Session and get tools you can use right away.


  • Three videos 
  • Workbook for each video 
  • E-mail support where you will get your questions answered and receive targeted parenting coaching.
Total Value: $399  



Receive parent coaching anytime and anywhere! From Stress to Success is a unique video series that provides you with practical parenting strategies and tools that will improve your relationship with your teen and promote your teen’s ability to be respectful, communicative, and responsible.  


If you are a parent who…

  • Is frustrated with your teen’s attitude and lack of communication.
  • Desires a deeper, more respectful relationship with your teen.
  • Wants to help your teen make responsible choices.
  • Would like to experience more respect, better communication, and a more responsible, accountable teen.
  • Is ready for a new, fresh approach to parenting teens!

This series is for you! 

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