Meet-Ups for Parents

Meet Ups are your time to connect with other parents and receive parenting tools that keep you relevant and inspired. You will gain a fresh perspective and new, effective approaches to use with your teen now and well into the future. 


Join me via Zoom on Fridays at 12:30 PST/3:30EST.

All Meet Ups are free but please register.

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The Perfectionistic Teen

Is your teen highly critical of herself? Does she take an all-or-nothing approach to school or sport? Does she sink into a depression when her goals go unmet? 

In this meet up, we will talk about how perfectionism can help and harm teens. You will learn how to support your teen in turning unhelpful perfectionist habits into productive, motivating, and empowering actions.


July 2, 2021

12:30 PM PST

A NEW Meet Up format is coming this FALL!!

If you have an idea for a meet-up or a parenting topic or challenge you would like me to address, please let me know.

Your feedback really makes a difference.

Thank you!


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