Life Coaching for College Students and Young Adults

Your daughter made it through high school but is she prepared for the demands of college and young adulthood? During this stage, she will experience tremendous growth and powerful setbacks.  With a newfound independence, she will need to effectively manage her time, learn from her mistakes, assess risk, and make some of her most critical decisions.  

I can help! 

Life Coach Teen Girls

Coaching helps college students and young adults figure things out.


By building a trusting relationship and using effective coaching methods, I help college students and young adults make a smooth transition to adulthood.  The young women who work with me clarify their purpose, determine what they want in their future, and how to achieve their goals.  We focus on actions including, making thoughtful decisions, self-advocating, and tapping into a growth mindset.

These skills are critical to developing confidence in themselves and in their ability to be responsible, self-directed adult.


The results of life coaching for college students and young adults include:

– Improved ability to self-advocate
– Awareness of how to make decisions based on values and goals
– Motivation to take action
– Healthy friendships and romantic relationships
– Greater confidence, resilience, and self-reliance
– Achievement of personal and professional goals
– More satisfying experience with work and/or school
– An ability to effectively manage stress 
– Growth mindset
– Clarity about the future and the best next steps

Teenage girl in front of the school building

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