High school does not prepare girls to handle social challenges, maintain their mental health, or effectively process and express their emotions.   These skills are critical to your daughter’s success and happiness in college.

My COLLEGE READY COACHING PROGRAM will prepare your daughter. She will learn skills, tools, and mindsets that lead to a smooth transition and happy, successful college experience.


Consider this….

Is your daughter truly ready to face the demands and rigor of college?

Is she prepared to self-advocate, assess risk, and learn from her mistakes?

Does she have the confidence to make new friends, build professional networks, and handle social challenges and changes?

Is she emotionally prepared to deal with homesickness, stress, and self-doubt?

Are YOU ready to parent-coach your college-age daughter?

→ The College-Ready Coaching Program will equip your daughter with strategies and tools that will strengthen her resilience, confidence, and self-directedness.

→ By tapping into her strengths, defining her values, and learning how to transition smoothly and handle the pressures of college, she will be ready to create a positive college experience and thrive!

→ Plus, parents will learn best practices for supporting their daughter and reinforcing the practices learned in this powerful coaching program.

This program is PERFECT for high school juniors or seniors, or anyone preparing for college.

We will cover:

How to create a smooth transition:

  • Building inner-strength
  • Clarifying goals, hopes, and expectations
  • Managing fear, worry, and homesickness

How to build social strength:

  • Making friends
  • Handling roommates
  • Navigating the party scene and Greek life
  • College relationships

    How to cultivate emotional resilience:

    • Maintaining mental, emotional, and physical health
    • Managing nerves, stress, overwhelm, self-doubt and more!
    • Maintaining balance, healthy habits and good grades

    How to prepare for academic success:

    • How to avoid procrastination, improve motivation, and manage overwhelm.
    • Meeting and managing academic demands
    • Balancing social, academic, and extra curriculars

    Upon completing the College Ready Program, your daughter will have:

    • More self-awareness and inner-strength
    • Clarity of goals and intentions
    • Tools to manage worry, fear, and self-doubt
    • Greater social confidence and ability to self-advocate
    • Awareness of how to make values-based decisions
    • Skills for healthy friendships and romantic relationships
    • Greater confidence, resilience, and self-reliance
    • An ability to effectively manage stress and overwhelm
    • Tools to maximize mental and emotional health
    • Improved time management skills and study habits
    Teenage girl in front of the school building

    Program includes:

    Four group teen meetings and one group parent session.

    In the parent session, you will learn the best ways to support your teen as she transitions to college and how to reinforce the tools she learns in the program.


    Option one:
    Teen meetings: June 26-29 from 10AM-11:15AM PT / 1PM-2:15PM ET
    Parent session: June 30 from 12-1PM PT / 3PM-4PM ET

    Option two: 
    July 24-27 from 3PM-4:15PM PT / 6PM-7:15PM ET
    Parent session: July 28 12-1PM PT / 3PM-4PM ET


    *Expires Friday, May 12.

    Upon registration, you will receive a welcome email with Zoom links and printable journal.
    For extra accountablity and support, participants of the summer program will have an opportunity to enroll in a college-ready 1:1 coaching program.

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