Erica specializes in coaching parents, teens, and young women.

Her personalized coaching programs provide teens and young women with guidance and insight, while developing essential life skills and supporting optimal mental health.

Her parent coaching programs provide a fresh perspective, new approaches, and practical solutions to the unique challenges that arise when parenting teens.

Coaching Programs

Teen Coaching & Self Awareness


Promotes self-awareness, confidence, emotional intelligence, and happiness!

College Coaching For Young Women

College and Beyond

Supports young women as they navigate the transition into adulthood.

Coaching for Parents of Teens


Provides valuable strategies for handling the unique challenges of parenting teens.


Erica Rood in the coaching session

Erica offers inspiring presentations for teens and parents. Her mission is to share insight and information so parents and teens can experience joy, balance, and clarity during one of the toughest and most exciting times of life – the teen years!   

Perfect for groups of parents, PTA events, NCL Chapters, Girl Scouts, sports teams, youth events and leadership events. 


Erica is supportive outlet who teaches new practices to sort through those many emotions and learn how to cope with any new challenges. Confiding in someone who has experience with teaching useful life skills has made my college experience more enjoyable, positive, and impactful to my personal growth.


Erica guides with questions and listens exceptionally. Her presence and style is perfect for young, developing girls. My daughter feels so comfortable with her. Her coaching has given my daughter confidence and very specific tools to respond to stress or difficult situations.


Coaching helped me feel more confident in certain areas and have more motivation for the stepping stones in my life. Erica helped me see that many situations are not as traumatic as they seem. She made me very comfortable and used methods that were very helpful


Erica has also been a huge support to me and my husband. Providing us with coaching on how to best communicate and support our girls. Erica has a warm and inviting style. I highly recommend giving her a call if you want extra support through the sometimes challenging tween/teen years.

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"What Your Teen Needs, But Isn't Asking" eBook


Discover seven core needs and how to meet those needs as you guide your teen into adulthood.

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